Avon Cosmetics CUSTOMER IS KING Continued:

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We have just recently submitted our 14th Avon selling campaign for the year, from 44 of our customers that placed an Avon order with us we received over £580 in orders. We absolutely love the fact that our business is customer driven. (We get orders in advance before ordering the products). No need to buy up front and hope to sell the products.
It is a winning formula. We know that if we have no customers, we have no business! We always offer a prompt and friendly service. Our service is fully backed by Avon Cosmetics “No quibble money back guarantee” (as long as it is returned within 28 days).
So with an average customer spend of £13 – £14 we are very happy. We must add that we are customers too!! After all how could we possibly be comfortable selling products that we did not believe were both quality and great value for money?
We have our favourite products, mine at the moment is the Avon men’s Energising New 2-in-1 After Shave & Moisturiser (infused with Menthol and Ginger) a snip at only £2.40 really cool on your skin after a shave.
Sue’s favourite product at the moment is her Avon cosmetics ANEW Multi-Performance Day Cream SPF25. The beauty of Avon is the quality and affordability, we always get repeat orders for the skin care ranges, shampoo, conditioners and the great smelling bubble baths.
Up to now we have personally sold over £8,600 worth of Avon products. As a team over £1,135,500 (up to end of C13). Not bad for a work from home business, and with the busiest quar-ter fast approaching it looks like it is going to be another successful year in business with Avon Cosmetics.

That is another reason why customer IS KING, so a great big thank you to all of the 6500+ customers that have purchased Avon products throughout our fabulous network of Representatives and Salesleaders. A very special thank you to our local customers that we have served every three weeks, for the past 11 years.

The whole purpose of a business like ours is to collect and “Keep” customers. That process is paramount to our success and the success of every single Avon representative. So with that in mind if you are running a business, any type of business that has customers…. rembmber to look after them and treat them with the respect they deserve


Ross & Sue

Independant Avon Cosmetics Salesleaders

Avon Cosmetics CUSTOMER IS KING Continued:
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