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make a differenceJust a quick Blog to share a story… It is amazing how out Avon business can change people’s outlook in life and make a difference. On the 24th Sept. we went to see a nice Lady called Margaret about starting her Avon business.
After meeting her we found she was looking for something to keep her occupied and active. She lives in a sheltered accommodation in the outskirts of Newcastle. She won’t mind me mentioning that she is a sprightly 78 years old.
After a cuppa and getting to know her reasons, we found out we had a lot in common with Margaret, she used to live within half a mile of our home in Sunderland, and she was a really interesting Character.

On our second visit Last week Margaret was excited to inform us that she had been round all her neighbours and also outside to a few more people that she knew. She had collected over £200 worth of orders!  When chatting to Sue she said that her Avon business had given her a reason to get dressed in the morning, and to get out and about.

She mentioned that she use to get up and sit about all day with her P.J’s on and not even bother to get dressed as she felt she had no reason to. She was so excited about putting small posters up advertising her new business, she had even ordered a new iPad as she loved the one Sue used on the appointment. She was collaborating with the maintenance man to get use of his printer to print out new offers and adverts for her customers. Margaret was over the moon that she had made herself around £50 for just socialising with her neighbours.

We were so pleased that we were able to make a difference to Margaret’s routine and to give her a purpose in life, something to look forward to, and you could see the difference in her attitude and her body language. Something stuck in my mind about our first visit, when she said “I do hope Avon will accept me as a representative, because of my age”  Well Margaret we are proud to have you on board and look forward to helping you build your Avon business.
Here is a link to our new beauty blog, with real Avon representatives and real Salesleaders. If the beauty business or direct selling business interests you, feel free to get in touch, we might even make a difference to your life too!
(Beauty Blog)
Have a great week,
Ross & Sue

Avon Making A Difference
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