Customer is king

We are so happy to have been serving our customers for over 11 years now, we appreciate them all. 🙂

I once heard from a wise man; that the whole purpose of a business is to collect and “Keep” customers. I have adhered to that principle for nearly 20 years (this September) We have done this with only 2 companies by our side. Some of our customers have been on the journey with us for the whole 20 years, even although the products have changed.

So what does that say? Well to me it shouts out that people buy from people. I was having a long ponder and tried to analyse that, but you know what? it comes down to going that extra mile, being honest and open with our customer relationship and most importantly (in my humble opinion) being there to “Listen” to your customers and to interact.. many of our customers have become great friends and it is a fantastic way to learn about your local community.

“Customer is King” is an old saying but try not to make it CustomeRISKING don’t risk loosing a single customer by being casual about your role. Yes you can always find new customers, but don’t take them for granted. So on that note, do something special for your customers this week, because after all, if you have no customers you have no business!!

Enjoy the rest of your week and “Keep the faith”. Customer is King.


Customer is king

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