How much can I expect to earn as an Independent AVON Sales Leader?

Your rewards will depend on your efforts, but profits of £500 every 3 week campaign are commonplace, £1000 a campaign frequent, £2000 a campaign attainable by anybody and £5000+ per campaign if you’re really committed.

What support can I expect to get as an Independent AVON Sales Leader?

You will get all the help and support you need. You will be joining one of the most dynamic and ambitious groups in AVON. You will have the option of attending training meetings and company conferences around the country and of course, you can keep in contact with your sponsor as regularly as you need, either by visits and/or phone calls. You will also receive an In-sight booklet letting you know whats happening in the company and what some people have achieved in each quarter.

I think I’m too busy to do AVON

One of the best things about AVON is that you can work it around current commitments such as work or family, and there is no pressure on you to do more than you have time to do. Even if you only have a spare few hours, you can slowly start to build your business and then when you have more time, you can get more serious about it.

If it’s so good, why isn’t everyone doing it?

The vast majority of people are not even aware of the AVON Opportunity. Those that don’t know about the power of Network Marketing do not see the potential of it or are just not ready to take a step away from traditional employment, the ones that do know even a little about it will be able to see the massive potential, especially when a company as big as AVON is involved in it.

Networking takes effort and time, earnings are achieved through hard work and determination and it is our aim through coaching and training to try and help you see the potential of this exciting opportunity and to give you all the necessary support and tools you need to achieve whatever you want from your business.

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