Christmas with Avon! are YOU prepared.


#Earn For Christmas
#Earn For Christmas

With Our Avon business, the 4th quarter and Christmas is the most exciting and profitable quarter of the year. So with this in mind here are some great tips to make your 4th quarter even better.
No matter what direct selling or multi-level company you represent, 4th quarter is key.
Boost Your Business
1. Get friendly with your neighbours.
Direct selling is a fantastic way to get to know your neighbours, we have become good friends with our neighbours through chatting and sharing our Avon brochures. Always look to re canvas your local area with the Christmas brochures and show the demo products.
2. Make sure you are visible.
If you are with Avon as a representative, make sure you appear in the search results when a customer is searching to find a local representative. – go to My Account on your website and tick the customer leads box in the preference section of My Profile
3. Make faster deliveries!
With the sales being so high at this time of year, you can use the express delivery service, order before 10am and get next day delivery and with the improved time for additional orders (it’s now just 72 hours). In fact we received an additional order today that came in 48 hours. Great for customer service.
4. More ways to Pay.
Paying by cash is still the best option in my opinion, but it is great to have other options. Pay by a mobile app or payment device? This will really help at times like Christmas and holidays.
Go to to discover more.
5. Flexible Ordering.

You have a regular order date for each campaign, yet you can order at other times with additional orders. If a customer misses your order date, you can still place their order and you’ll still get discount if you’ve ordered during that or the previous campaigns.

Have a fantastic 4th quarter and have fun while making new friends and some spending money for Christmas

( All selling tips and more are free on your website and in your “First Look ” Discount book 🙂

Christmas with Avon! are YOU prepared.

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